Since June 1, 2000, the Academy of International Dance has provided thousands of children ranging from ages 3 to 17  an enriching afterschool dance program that broadens their horizon. Our founder and Executive Director, Sonia Velazquez-Miskulin, had a vision of building a bridge that would connect the world to inner city children through the performing arts.

Since its inception, the academy has expanded its program in order to provide its students the best multicultural dance education and experience.  It is the only dance school of its kind in Orange County that provides education of the world through dance.

Unlike other similar dance programs, the Academy of International Dance is known for its superb international multilingual dance teachers, unique curriculums, fantastic performances, and educational health and nutrition seminars.  Together we offer our students an outstanding dance education that will develop their socialization skills, self-esteem and discipline, as well as, their health.


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Improve academics, health, and fitness by providing a multicultural experience and education through the performing arts.


1.  Teaching students to embrace the similarities and differences between members of the local and global community.

2.  Motivating our community to live healthy lifestyles.

3.  Encouraging students to excel academically.

The outcome of our goals will enable a child to develop their hidden talents, self-esteem, creativity, communication and collaboration skills.




The Academy of International Dance Program provides children of the Academy of International Dance with a multicultural education and experience through the performing arts. This enriching program motivates students to become academic achievers, improves their social behavior skills, and increases their knowledge about health and nutrition. Children are given the opportunity to receive a unique educational experience for future success.

Our program is grassroots in nature, in that it serves families of all social and economic backgrounds.  All our staff is bilingual, and parents donate their time to office, clerical, maintenance and programs. Our international dance teachers complement the dance component with new terms and phrases in foreign languages correlating to their dance course to further enhance their knowledge and understanding of the art form.  The dedication of our board members, staff, volunteers and collaborators have made it possible for the academy to continue providing its valuable service to the community.


DANCING WITH A BOOK (Literacy & Tutoring)

The Academy of International Dance believes that literacy helps children reach a higher level of academics. Starting October 2015, the academy will commence its academic program in collaboration with its partners.  Students will be placed in a literacy program that can enhance their reading, spelling and comprehension skills.   

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE (Health & Nutrition)

The academy provides educational health and nutrition seminars for its community at no cost.  Families learn the importance of living a healthy life style.  Good health and nutrition helps children learn better and live happier.

Dance ExaminationS (bALLET & CAPOEIRA)

Every year our ballet students complete their dance curriculum and are placed through examination and certification under Cecchetti U.S.A. Once a student passes their exam, the institutes confers the students with a certificate attesting to the level achieved.  Children are taught discipline and how to be focused which in turn gives them confidence academically and socially.